November 19

I woke up to a morning of lemon tea and unwashed hair. I am washing them as I type this. More like, think of this. Maybe I should get like a voice to text gadget gimmick in my bathroom. Maybe I will.
But, TIL why they say ‘Life is a box of chocolates.’ I don’t agree to it, but… It works if only the chocolate box contains chocolates made with chocolate and raisins. I hate raisins.
So, maybe life is like a box of chocolates.
I had a raisin flavored one on Friday.
This morning, I woke up to a nutty almond and cashew bits locked in 70% cocoa.
So, get a little fat with a chocolate a day.
Like me. Eating. A truffle flavored KitKat now. At work. And,there comes my chocolate loving colleague. Better put it away.

Wait, is that the gist of all this?
Or let’s leave it open to interpretation.


Author: The Brick Lady

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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