Out-of-the-box shoes

you step outside
baby steps on the graveled road
at every step you take
the tiled pavement stretched ahead of you
inviting, and comfortable
shoes you say
I need shoes
to get there
they laughed
said it was a weird demand
not what they usually made
neither the size
nor the box
and you knew,
more than ever
where you wanted to be.
so you launch a new trade
walking over the gritty road
sharpening the tools
measuring lengths and widths and depths
building rooms for mistakes
and breaking them down
trimming the excess
tailoring yourself
to the shoes
your size
that they never made
or even thought of.
the pavement feels good now
cool and soothing
the few people around
admire your craft
ask where the box is.
they weren’t meant to be kept in a box, you say
and lie down
basking in the sun
in your out of the box shoes
and the thrill of your dreams.

Author: The Brick Lady

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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