You came in as a whim

That night at 2 am

A closed book, neatly packed

A shrewd mystery within

Covered in hundred layers

Of handsome, handsome wrapping

Smooth talking, charm oozing

And passionately brimming

I read along, engrossed

Absorbed in your words

The stories they told

And the secrets to unfold

And all the way,

I picked up

Little clues and signs

To read the tales

In between the lines

Unraveling as I went

Near to the core

To know the simple things you adore

The spine isn’t so stiff now

The pages, golden brown

The walls you built yourself

I guess, are brought down 

The trance you caught me in

Remains still, aging like wine

Eccentricity​ optimism and zeal

All perfectly combined

I wanted to be the first

But no regrets I say

Smiling to myself, contentedly

And I turn the last page

But the story doesn’t end

The timelines are a bit sore

After all, you are that one whim

The one I took a fancy for…


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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