Right here…

And today…I will write about you…

Amidst the first showers of the season, I will sit in the verandah, in the way of the winds, teasing my goosebumps, and imagine you… embracing me and whispering a gentle ‘Hello Sweetie’ in my ears. Smiling coyly, I feel your warm breath upon my neck before you gently kiss it. And even if you aren’t actually here, my pen doodles circles on the page, sending my mind into a frenzy.

Out of sight isn’t necessarily out of mind. Ask me! I know… All by myself in a completely different country I am. Living my life with virtual love sent to me by Skype. Friends, family, kith and kin. And you, of course. 

And just like with others, I remember every minute fact and figure about you. The exact amount of milk you require in your coffee, your statically changing schedules, every witty comeback we ever exchanged, a sly romantic line you dropped in here and there, the telepathic connections that astounded us, things that made you cry more than the ones that made you laugh, the way your eyes sparkled when you spoke about everything you loved.

And even though you always said you were an introverted personality, not putting yourself out that easily, I dwell upon each little snippet and bouts of emotion you had. Playing them over and over in my mind…

Why am I writing this? I don’t know if you will ever read this… But I’m still going to pen it down. Because there was a time when I said, ‘I would right here…’ And that was our little hope back then. Back then, when we were two silly people finding our own islands, swimming the same sea. We held hands but tried drifting in different directions.

And today, as it snowed here for the first time in the season, I remember the night it rained, the first of the monsoons, and we spoke about it. I was stupidly romantic back then. I am stupidly romantic today.

I will not drop this in your inbox via a mail or as a text message. It will stay safe within these pages confined by the ink. But still, I know, deep down, that you will know this. That you are being remembered and talked about. Because once upon a time, I said, ‘I would be right here’ and I meant it.


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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