One-sided Love

What do I feel

None can tell

While they enjoy each other

Under Love’s spell.

Hit me with the arrow

But Cupid missed her

Leaving her ignorant

And me, her admirer.

Nesting you in my heart

I brew dreams, amorous

Wishing you would do the same

For the both of us.

Walking in the park

Without you by my side

Planning my marriage 

With you as my bride.

Basking in love

I see an elderly couple

Wondering if, with us

This could be ever possible!

But, selfishly in love

I’m happy with the stakes

One to make

And one to break.

Yet my hope flickers

Amidst the frustration

Expecting for once

To be the object of your adoration.

Till then, I will live 

Live and love alone

Untill you accept me

And make me your own.

Alas! What do I feel

None can tell

I’m a one sided lover

Under Love’s spell.


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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