Of Hearts and Bodies…

Sitting in the car,

We talk … Pointlessly

It’s been years now..

Yet, you still charm me

Casting that old spell

With your smiles and words

A witty remark

Or a compliment

And when we run out of words,

The real conversation begins

Eyes dancing to their own tunes

When we read each other

Like a book…

Silently in the night

Wordlessly we talk…

Fingers knitting

Making the silences heavier

The surroundings blur

Losing ourselves in each other

You contemplate…

The next move..

But I’m already there

Leaning in

Fingers a-wandering

To calm the storms within

Or maybe not…

This surge

The euphoria

And the torrent

The ecstasy in our veins…

And I will never know, Darling…

What’s it about you?

A lust for love?

A love for lust?


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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