And the thing is, life is never ten on ten. It can, at the most, tend towards ten, but it isn’t equal to it.

So, we all have danced unsynchronously to the choreography. Or worse, have our hearts broken at one point of time. We have failed at an exam, or didn’t even turn up for the test. Been cheated on or have cheated someone. Gambled and lost or gained something. No matter what age, or how skillful you are at the task on hand, we have messed up big time someday.

We must acknowledge this mess, work upon them and not regret it. But, what we must do it, let the burden of these terrible 3s and frantic 4s ruin the novel 9s to come.

Being an engineer, I’m bloody good at math. We use a concept called Limits, wherein we consider the unknown variable, that tends to some value, but isn’t actually that value, equals to it to find the solution. Similarly, all we have to do is consider life, rather than tending to 10, equals to 10 and eventually find the solution.

Even the moon has scars, isn’t it ?

Daily Prompt Ten by the Daily Post

Author: The Brick Lady

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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