The Forgotten Doll.

She walked away,

Away from her own house

Towards the threshold

Of his mansion

With her neck dotted 

With the black and gold beads

And the vermillion,

Strikingly bright

Against her neatly parted hair.

And she took with her,

All the lessons 

She was imbibed with

Since childhood

To be a daughter in law

The eldest, to be precise.

A wife to him,

A mother to his unborn child,

A sister in law to his siblings

A woman of the house,

Like the others were. 

And in all this,

A slight oversight remain unnoticed.

Her favorite doll,

Gifted by her dad 

To remind her, always,

Of the girl within.


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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