Being Men.

​Blue over pink

And cars over dolls. 

‘Tough’ and ‘muscular’ 

Or scoffed at their weak balls. 

Prospect grooms only if 

engineers or doctors or owners of a gold mine. 

Aspiring CAs and struggling film makers

Are nowhere in the line. 

‘Pervert’ porn watchers

Or ‘unmanly’ if they don’t. 

‘Bacchanals’ who revel in alcohol and discos 

‘Pansies’ if they prefer staying back home. 

‘Chickens’ if they cried 

Or mouthed their feelings. 

‘Macho’ if they didn’t 

And kept it to themselves. 

 ‘Sleazy’ are the ones 

To make the first move

Or ‘a wuss’ if they don’t 

Have the courage to do.

‘Wimpy’ in your eyes

If they helped their wives. 

Lazy and always messy

‘A sissy’ if they have OCD.

Lets just stop 

Stereotyping them 

Let’s think a little and redefine

The concept of ‘Being men’.

Stepping into a guy’s shoes here. Obviously didn’t fit quite right in.

And naturally, life isn’t as easy as it seems for them. So what, if they don’t bleed every month or don’t have to leave their parents post-marriage or get judged for wearing shorts. There’s a pressure to bear the PMS effects every month, decide who to listen to between your mother and wife, fulfill the family expectations and be the bread earner after your dad, to earn more than your wife to be termed as successful along with being taller than her, to play video games to be cool, and watch or enjoy sports to justify their Y chromosomes. Not to mention the fear of rejection or being friendzoned.😝

Now obviously this isn’t all. And there are a hell lot of things that I’m missing. I hope I did little justice, very little actually, to all the men out there. Let me know all the things I missed mentioning. 🙂


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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