The Lost Child.

​I search and I search 

And I search a bit more 

To find that child 

Who over the monotonous years 

Has fused in with my mechanical heart. 
The child who watched the rain 

And enjoyed the petrichor

Rather than worrying about being late 

And being bogged up in the mud. 

The child who fell asleep 

Reading her fairy tales book 

Unlike me, with my anti glare devices 

Reading ‘How to be a Child Again’ . 

The child who pestered mom

With her silly questions and curiousity 

Rather than dunking her face in the laptop 

Even at the dinner table. 

The child who slept near the window 

Just to have the moonlight kiss her 

Rather than me who fights with my sister

To sleep near the charging slot.
And over time, 

The child grew

Into a human robot 

Became wiser 

Learnt about the world 

Excelling and conquering obstacles 

Realizing fairies didn’t exist 

And started finding magic 

In her materialistic belongings. 

Im still trying to find the child…

Trying to find me.


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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