The Candle Light 

She walked through the air

Dense with terror, panic and anxiety

‘Lame attempts,’ she realised, 
To garner the shattered pieces
Of her belongings
And her life
Among the gore and butchery.
People eyed her
With hopeless and shrunken eyes 
Yet she didn’t flinch
Even in the dark night.
But a taqiyah on the head
Shook her insides
Even in broad daylight.
Treading among the ripped tents,
She finally found an empty one 
Lit by a dim candle.
And as she settled down,
A masculine shadow loomed over her,
Taqiyah on the head 
A moon around the neck
Yet — 
Yet in that light 
She found something different about him,
Something soothing and balmy
For this candle spread love.


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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