It’s a Black Thing 

​Entering your house, 

You see all the  hues of black. 

That plush ebony couch. 

The files on your desk. 

Your leather jacket on the peg. 

Your favourite coffee mug. 

That monochrome painting on the wall.

The blue letters of Doctor Sleep, 

Against the chalky black cover. 

Your laptop, on the table.  

Your phone, in your fair palms. 

The priced LBD for that special night. 

Black tea, your favourite hot drink. 

The starry canvas at night from your window. 

The black tattoo against your fair ankles. 

The stilettos, on your dainty little feet 

The nail color on your well manicured nails. 

And of course Dodo, 

With his shiny black fur as he greets you.

For, black is classic. 

Basic yet elegant, 

Formal and sophisticated. 

And we love it everywhere, 

Except on our skins… 


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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