That Warm Squiggle 

​I woke up to a volley of calls, 

Messages and feeds, 

Wishing me the happiest birthday, 

With all the love and benediction


Yet I longed for a handmade card. 
I felt loved by all he did for me,

The online shopping spree, 

His long expression of love on my social media 

Spiced up with photos from the old days  


Yet on the anniversary I longed for a handwritten love letter. 
The girlfriends called, after the breakup 

Empathizing with me, 

Their scathing tirades for him 

And tips to reduce my puffy eyes 


Yet I longed for a good old shoulder to cry upon. 
The letter came in by the mail, 

Declaring my promotion, 

Colleagues tweeted congratulations, 

Even my fastidious boss did. 


Yet I longed for that motherly pat on the back. 
These mechanized words,

Electric and uniform 

Fulfilling yet hollow.

Easy and accessible 


Yet I longed for a irregular yet warm squiggle. 


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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