A Week’s Enough. 

‘… ​It isn’t about you. It’s me.” he said,

Hanging up on the phone and the promises he made. 

1st Day:
I cried all day, 

I cried all night. 

Reminiscing all the moments, 

The romantics and the fights. 

2nd Day :
I moved from my spot, 

Just to get my charger. 

Still a hot mess like yesterday, 

Though a little better. 

3rd Day :
Answered calls, 

Consumed food. 

The girls came over,

And I felt a tad bit good .

4th Day:
Out of my room I stepped, 

Showered clean and smiled mildly. 

Learnt that he was partying, 

When I stalked him furtively. 

5th Day:
Called the girls over, 

To shop, dine and gossip. 

Felt devilishly good, 

Just to get back at him. 

6th Day:
Cleared all his remains,

From my diary, gallery and phone. 

The pros weighed more than the cons, 

So was finally glad that he was gone. 

7th Day :
Then again I sat in the park, 

To mend the recent cleft. 

Found his profile as I explored Tinder, 

And indifferently I swiped left. 


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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