Wedding Bells

She helped her mother clean up. All the plates, glasses and spoons. As she picked up the glasses, a wet glass slipped through her fingers and hit the floor.
“Oh dear Meera, how many times have I told you to be a little more careful. Didn’t cut yourself na… Very good.. Now move away. I will sweep the glass shards. “, saying so her mother took the broom to clean the floor. Her father hearing the exclamation emerged from the insides of the house. “What happened ladies? Oh Meera, did you again hurt your hand? Oh you must be thinking of him ha ha…” He wasinterrupted by Meera ” No papa… Its just a cut. No need to worry about.” ” What no worry? Wait here, I am getting the bandaid… “, saying so he went inside to get the medicine. Meera sat in her room pondering, thinking about him. She was going to wed the boy she loved. His family’s visit this morning had turned out quite well. Her future mother in law had approved of her then and there. His father too gave a nod of satisfaction. He of course sat there, beaming with joy. Spending life with that one person you love the most, the mere thought brings a smile on the lips. Its like the happiness you got as a kid when you had your favorite candy in a bag,you wanted to hold on to it tight… Never let go. She knew what he meant for her. Like that wonderful sunny day amidst the rains. She knew she didn’t bother about anything else as long as things were good with him. She knew he would be right there, in front of her when she needed him. There would be no pre made plans of meeting,it would be spontaneous. There would be no waiting to see each other,they would travel together. There would be no worrying if he was sick, cause she would be by his bed, taking his care. There wouldn’t be long talks on the phone to make up for the fight, they could do it face to face. They would be no staring at the moon and wishing he was there,he actually would be there.. With her. Always. But also, there were other things to do and take care of. His parents and family, fulfilling their expectations.Carrying the responsibility of his family along with him. Meeting a new lot of people suddenly one morning. Knowing everyone and molding herself to everyone’s accord. Not only that, also taking into consideration everyone’s opinion, growing a bond with everyone. Learning to accept that tacit critical remarks from a skeptical aunt and also the motherly praises from the mother in law. Taking care of his father just like she would have done for hers. Bearing all the whims and fancies of his sisters just like hers. Pranks by his brothers just like her brother would have done. As her mother always said, ‘Marriage is a lot more than two people in love.’ Nowsherealized her mother was always correct. She knew she would miss her wise and kind words of advice. She would miss that morning breakfast she would make with her on Sundays. She would also miss the little tiffs she had for not doing the vessels or maybe not cleaning the wardrobe or not doing the laundry. She would miss her best friend. She would miss her father. The man whose love nobody could replace. Making tea for him after he camehomefromwork. Watching the television with him late night. Helping him with the tools he needed while he worked on something. Playing pranks on her mother with him. Getting worried about how to answer him when she got home late. His mild scolding when she stayed up late, working. She would miss her brother, her sister, the annoying aunty who lived next door. Not that she was going away for ever but not seeing these important people everyday brought a lump in her throat. But deep down she knew she could do it. She knew she would handle everything very well and efficiently, with her mother’s resolve, her father’s strength and her husband’s love.


Author: Shilwant Kirti

Engineer by profession, writer by heart.

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