About me

Slitting my heart open for a little poetry.
*clears throat*
Hello! My name is Kirti. I live under the metaphorical rock and I wear both pink and blue.
Like a stereotypical, unplanned incident, this blog saw the light of the day on a lonely…lonely night of August 2016. I picked up the pen that night and I am writing ever since.
I write what I feel and I feel what I write. The prose is derived from my first-hand experiences in the game of Life. And the poetry is conceived from the deepest and most obscure corners of my heart, words that mirror my thoughts. *smiles, gratefully*

Thank you for stopping by and reading this very line. I am glad that you took the effort of clicking the link you found somewhere in this messy web of social media. Or the fact that I typed it in your Google Search bar shamelessly for a unit of traffic here. If the latter case, you should know that I am extremely unapologetic about it. *grins*

Now, the content below this line is a desperate attempt to nag you into subscribing here and a hundred other places just to pop up on your respective feeds from time to time. Feel free to skip. Or not.
*waits for a moment, mouths ‘reverse psychology son!’*
So, here’s what you do. Do follow me here, if you don’t mind the aforementioned popping up.(email links available too).
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Signing off,
The Brick lady.


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